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Arimars Technologies

Arimars Technologies is a leading company that offers customized augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) based solutions for industrial clients. Focused around field maintenance, manufacturing, and training, our products convert paper-based documentation into easy to follow digital instructions. As one of the pioneers of enterprise-class AR solutions, we deliver remote assistance to enable real-time intervention, maintenance and technical assistance. We reduce costs significantly while increasing efficiency in manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, branding, sales and after-sales operations.

Arimars Technologies offers Remote Assistance Software KoalaAR, a remote collaboration tool for connecting service people in the field with remote experts in real time. Viewing what a field technician sees, a support engineer can provide step-by-step Augmented Reality-enhanced instructions and guidance.

Benefits of Remote Assistance Software KoalaAR;

  • Decrease Maintenance Costs
  • Reduce Down-time Costs & Durations
  • Improved two-way communication with symbols and annotations
  • Quick Access to data and expert

Arimars Technologies also provides the Augmented Reality Content Creation Platform ARMADiLLO for installation and maintenance manuals integrated with real time data using an editoring tool to create animated work instructions.

Features of Augmented Reality Platform ARMADiLLO;

  • Interactive Installation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Interactive Training
  • Industrial Visualization
  • RealTime Data, IoT integration

AR / VR is the interface of the future, helping us to understand the physical world through a visual perspective and to enable agile, correct decisions. The integration of the physical and digital worlds is a great way to create and increase business value.

Arimars Technologies will be with you on this journey.

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