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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Assan Hanil

Assan Hanil, one of the automotive investments of Kibar Group, was established in 1997 in partnership with South
Korean Seoyon E-Hwa and started production as the main parts supplier in the automotive sector.

While Assan Hanil was suppliying parts for Hyundai Assan in the early years of its establishment, it has become one of the suppliers of Ford Otosan as of 2005. Assan Hanil has added Isuzu, Honda, Agco, Mercedes-Benz Turkey and
Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) to its customer portfolio respectively. In addition Assan Hanil is one of the main suppliers for M2 Light Commercial Vehicle (H350), which is a joint project between Karsan and Hyundai Motor Company (HMC).

In 2019, Assan Hanil started-up Aksaray Plant for producing for Mercedes-Benz Turkey and Gölcük Plant for
producing Ford Otosan. With over one thousand specialized employees working in its plants covering a total area of 175 thousand m2 in five different locations; three in Kocaeli, one in Bursa and one in Aksaray; the company performs automation based production activities with high technology.

Assan Hanil is a supplier of driver and passenger seat as well as door panels, front and rear bumper, instrument panel, console, carpet, FEM Carrier, blow molding parts, headlining, glove box, and various interior and exterior plastic components. Assan Hanil became one of 5 companies worldwide which design, develop and manufacture air suspension driver seat.

Assan Hanil carries out innovative projects for weight reduction, cost optimization and quality enhancements in its R&D Center established in 2010. It has 59 Industrial Property Rights registered and another 9 in the evaluation process.

Offering engineering, product development and manufacturing services to the world’s leading brands with its wide range of products, Assan Hanil uses digital applications such as JIS Delivery, Robotic Ironing, Polyvalence Module, Assembly Lines Ergonomics Software to provide flexible production for its customers and ergonomics for its employees.

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