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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

After graduated from Middle East Technical University-Mechanical Eng. Dept., Cenk Ünlü started his career as an RD engineer in METU Technology Development Zone, 2009.
Afterwards, he worked in commercial department of Ford Otosan (Ford JV in Turkey), where he had a chance to oversea the competencies of both local and global suppliers in various product and commodity groups such as electrical, climate and battery systems.
Then, he took several roles by leading business and technical divisions of engineering companies in Europe; closely monitored EV market, megatrends in place and provided marketing strategy support to clients based on opportunities/gaps rising in different countries.
In Rinnova Automotive Technologies, Cenk is now supporting producers with the mission to deliver the best service that they require, by a unique combination of engineering and business development during their adaptation to electrical and autonomous vehicles.
His key competency is building sales strategies according to technical and commercial needs of OEMs, suppliers and start-ups, in global automotive market.

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