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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Aleksandar Medjedovic

Executive Board Member, Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TD-IHK), Berlin/Germany

Aleksandar Medjedovic is an Independent Development & Strategy Advisor, serving on the Executive Board at the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce (TD-IHK) in Berlin/Germany. He covers automotive, energy, ICT, construction and media industries in markets such as Turkey, Germany, Iran, Asia, Latin America and East Europe, for both the private and public sectors. For 20 years, he held management positions for British and German business media and trade fair companies in Germany, Switzerland, the United States, France, Singapore and Turkey. He is an active member of DEIK, the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey in Istanbul, where he is Vice-Chair of the Turkish-Croatian Business Council, shaping relations between Turkey and Croatia and other markets such as Serbia, Germany, Sweden and Mexico. He is a mentor and trainer at Start-up organizations in Berlin, Vienna and Lisbon, and a lecturer at Universities in Germany and Turkey. Aleksandar has university education in Political Science and Economics from Germany and France, speaks 10 languages fluently and is a frequent media guest and contributor in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Germany. He lives in Istanbul/Turkey and in Berlin/Germany.

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