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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Amandine Muskus; Senior advocacy, public affairs and strategy professional with over a decade of expertise in US/EU policy in the transportation, environment, energy, technology spaces. Amandine works to bridge the gap between highly technical concepts and corporate bottom lines to engage stakeholders at all levels of business and government.

Deep understanding and passion for energy, transportation, and tech issues as they affect US and EU regulation and legislation. Amandine has been instrumental in influencing US national policy and EU policy and legislation affecting over 350 million active vehicle users.

Currently, a senior regulatory and policy leader and lobbyist who has developed and cultivated relationships with Members of Congress, Members of European Parliament, European Directorates and US regulatory agencies (DOT, EPA, DOE, etc.) to advance the agenda of smart and green mobility and innovation in transportation. Amandine has influenced policy and legislation related to Land Use, Fuel Economy, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), CAFE, and EU Horizon 2020 investments.

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