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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Dr. Angelika Sodian is regarded as a thought leader for corporate transformations in the face of mobility industry changes. A proven expert for the organisational development of global companies in the automotive sector in Europe and China, she was awarded the title “Rising Star” by the magazine “Automotive News Europe” in May 2019.

At the Chinese electromobility start-up NIO, Dr. Sodian was entrusted with the role of global practice lead, responsible for the organisational development of the young company from May 2015 and shortly afterwards co-led the set-up of its design headquarters in Munich. One year later, she took over the business of NIO UK, the advanced performance engineering unit of the company.

Dr. Sodian began her career at Magna Steyr, initially in Graz, Austria and from 2008 in Shanghai. The native Austrian then founded a boutique consulting firm in the Chinese innovation metropolis and supported European automotive companies in developing the Chinese market.

At the end of June this year, Dr. Sodian left NIO at her own request to devote herself to new tasks. She will remain at the disposal of the industry with her well-founded expertise in organisational and leadership development. She is currently working on a non-fiction book in which she reflects on her extensive experience in Chinese companies and provides food for thought for European companies. In addition, she will continue to appear as a keynote speaker at industry forums.

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