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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Before recently founding the h&k Ventures – Silicon Valley in Feb 2019, Hakan Kostepen was an “Executive” Director at Panasonic Silicon Valley Center in Mountain View, CA and responsible for Product Planning Strategy & Innovation for Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, where he led the “emerging” Connectivity Methodologies/Technologies and Connected LifeStyle Strategy & Innovation Concepts around Internet of Things & Mobility 4.0 for Panasonic globally from Silicon Valley .

Mr. Kostepen has broad Systems & Software Engineering and Advanced Product Development experience with Panasonic, Ford Motor Company, EDS, and US Air Force for “Real Time” Embedded Systems Applications and Advanced Software Development around connected – mobility platforms with many patents and published papers.

Mr. Kostepen is MIT Sloan Business School Executive Strategy & Innovation program graduate and has following degrees:

University of North Dakota MSEE, US Air Force – Central Michigan University MSA, and Istanbul Technical University BSEE.

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