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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Kerem Deveci was born in 1990 in Istanbul.
After graduating from high school, he continued his education in Department of Civil Engineering at Vienna Technical University. After completing a part of his university education in Vienna, he returned to his country and graduated from Istanbul Kultur University, Department of Civil Engineering.
Kerem, who developed alternative energy sources and renewable energy turbines during his student life, started Enlil Vertical Axis Wind Tribune Project and entered the entrepreneurship world. The project, which is currently in late R&D phase, has made a great impression in the world and attracted the attention of many international companies, institutions and investors.
Kerem received his first prize in Technology in the “Mercedes-Benz Türk Start-Up” competition in 2018. He won the Urban Transition Category Award in the Climate Launchpad 2018, the biggest start-up competition in the world on climate problems which is supported by the European Union.

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