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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Murat Hepdurluk leads Brisa Supply Chain Department which has the responsibility of all procurement, product supply planning, logistic operations, government relations, branded promotion materials logistics & sales and tyre import business management. He worked at different industries and companies as production engineer, scheduling engineer and production supervisor and joined Brisa family at 2000. He has been working at product supply planning, industrial engineering and production departments as manager and director before he took the responsibility of Supply Chain. He has deep expertise on project management, efficiency improvement, sustainability, lean process design, manufacturing excellence, standardization, quality and safety. Murat graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Technical University of Istanbul. After certain experience in companies he completed Executive MBA program at Sabanci University. He also had the opportunity to attend leadership programs in M.I.T. (2 weeks) and London Business School (1 week).

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