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Dünya Otomotiv Konferansı

Chief Executive Officer, LASER Systems Producer & Turnkey Solutions Provider
Seçkin Birzat began his career in the LASER industry shortly after the turn of the millennium,
returning to Turkey from the UK where he was studying for a Degree in Business. With the entire
family savings entrusted to him, he invested in a LASER welding machine to provide a ‘Job-Shop’
service for customers who were utilising the potential LASERs had to offer. Unfortunately, the quality
of those early lasers was not consistent therefore, he frequently had to have parts replaced to enable
his ‘Job-Shop’ service to continue. To his dismay, replacement parts, service and maintenance all had
to be carried out by the machine brand personnel, which often meant long waiting times as well as
high costs. This unfortunate turn of events became a positive as he saw the potential of a better
customer service, especially if he could provide that service to anyone with a laser system. Armed
with stocks of many common parts, he embarked on a venture to provide replacement spares to
anyone in need, within just a few days of their system failure. He learned much over that period, not
only how LASER systems work, but also what they can do. The most valuable learning came in the
form of understanding what the LASER system customers wanted from their systems, and from their
service provider.
In 2007, Seçkin produced his very own LASER machine, which would turn out to be the first of many.
It was a LASER Marking unit which could be used in many different industries. This machine was well
received and saw many orders follow due to its competitive price, good quality and great customer
care. A business was born.
2010 saw Seçkin’s business produce its first LASER Welding and Laser Cutting Machines for the
domestic market. With the strength of those domestic sales behind him, it was only a matter of time
before international sales would follow too.
With many international enquiries becoming orders, LASER ISSE grew and grew, so much so that it
had to open a new factory in the Istanbul Free Zone in 2019.
Continuously listening to industries and customers, LASER ISSE is now breaking ground with many
state-of-the-art technologies, producing LASER solutions for customers around the world, in a variety
of industries, providing a reliable service, high-quality machines at competitive prices.
Mr. Seçkin Birzat acquired International Business degree in Turkey and MBA in London. He set up a
successful international company with his childhood friend, married, has 2 young children, and all
before the age of 40.

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