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Graduate in Automation Technology from the Krefeld university, Uwe Kueppers started his professional career 1986

Uwe has more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing environment and with industrial software and automation products. He spent 5 years as an application engineer with Schiess a major manufacturer of heavy machine tool builder before he started to be involved of developing the first Industrial pc´s and the use of pc equipment to control and optimize palletize systems. Prior to Incuity and Wonderware, Uwe has built up the sales area for an engineering company and sold automation solution to all kinds of manufacturing segments. After running his own business Uwe joined Wonderware in 1994 as regional sale manager in the west part of Germany. 1995 he moved to the head quarter in the US to develop the OEM program. In this timeframe Uwe gained also international expirience in Asia. Since 1997 he was leading the sales organization of the German operation including the ERP and Maintenance sales which came through Wonderware in 1999. January 2001 he took over the position as managing director in Scandinavia where he was building up the new entity which was created in April 2001 with a clear focus on adding value to their customers business. In 2003 Uwe became the additional responsibility of the German operation as Managing Director. April 2005 he exepted the position as Director Business Development and Marketing EMEA where he was responsible for extending the established markets and grow new emergency market segments or area. Together with his Marketing manager he developed the marketing strategies for Wonderware in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His primary goal was to grow significant the business in EMEA as well as identifying new potential business segments.

In April 2006 he opened Incuity Systems GmbH representing Incuity Software Inc. in Europe. His primary goal was to grow the business with Incuity in the area of Business Intelligence for Manufacturing with it´s product Incuity EMI. To built up a company with a new product for a new market segment with a new company name has been a real challenge. He has built up his company Incuity Systems GmbH to provide now service, support, sales and marketing for all european and Middle east countries.

Since the aqusition of Incuity by Rockwell automation Uwe was responsible since May 15th 2008 as VP EMEA sales for Inquity

In October 2008 Uwe was appointed as Director of Software for the EMEA region for Information solution and since 2012 he is focusing on the CPG and Discrete segment within EMEA.

Since Jan 2014 Uwe was also appointed to the Chairman of the EMEA board of Mesa International a non profitable association focusing since more than 20 years on Manufacturing.

Uwe Kueppers is married and has a son and a daughter.

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