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ARaymond Network core business

The ARaymond Network, a global leader in the automotive market

With decades of experience and renowned technological expertise to draw on, the ARaymond Network is a global leader in fastening solutions for the automotive industry.
The ARaymond Network core business, 
clip fasteners comply with the requirements of the particularly demanding automotive industry.
The solutions and services provided by the ARaymond Network compliment automakers’ assembly operations. Constant innovation, assembly line analysis, specific process development and growing automation are all part of the global approach to improving productivity.

In addition to products, our innovation focuses on processes

Expert in clip fasteners since 1865, the ARaymond Network is today renowned worldwide for the quality of its products and our approach to service.
Today’s innovation is focused on delivering assembly solutions and facilitating processes by examining projects in their entirety. In response to the increasing need for productivity, weight saving and reliability, innovations such as RayTOOL® 
and Raybond enable the ARaymond Network to position itself as a real partner for its customers.

Many applications for the ARaymond Network fasteners

ARaymond™ products are fastening millions of vehicles worldwide. Applications include interior and exterior trim, IP, power train, electrical distribution, thermal management and fluid handling.
Its dedicated global teams are available to serve this demanding market, offering existing solutions or developing them to meet new assembly needs.

“Almost every vehicle has ARaymond™ part inside…. from the worlds cheapest to the most sophisticated”

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