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Surgere’s role in the evolving i4.0 supply chain is to provide their clients with superior asset visibility, data analytics, and control through each segment of the Supply Chain — Packaging, Transportation, Yard, Finished Goods, Plant and Cross-Global. Surgere’s solution combines a community approach, data accuracy, patented hardware, and proprietary cloud-based software to deliver results.

Utilizing over a decade of experience in both the automotive industry and sensor-based technologies, Surgere reduces costs and increases productivity throughout the supply chain. Their proprietary hardware and algorithms achieve a 99.9% tag acquisition metric.  This metric is a commitment in every Surgere deployment and a standard that cannot be rivaled by others in the shared space.

Their exclusive COS platform is the foundation for AutoSphere – The automotive industry’s most effective supply chain management process – delivered through massive collaboration. AutoSphere members use a common set of processes and transactions within a singular shared database, to deliver an unprecedented level of visibility and control between OEMs, their suppliers, and transportation service providers. With 1800+ suppliers onboarding in 2019 alone, AutoSphere has set the stage for industry-wide collaboration, unparalleled cost savings, and increased efficiencies.

The Surgere Team guides clients through every step of their digital transformation initiatives – providing clients with access to experts, the newest technology solutions, and financing options. COS gives you the accessibility and insight necessary to make strategic and informed decisions, ultimately equipping you to best meet the demands of the complex and challenging automotive industry.


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