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Ünsped Gümrük Müşavirliği


Our company started its operation in 1981. Unsped is a company which have 56 shareholders, 59 customs brokers with carnet A and 248 customs brokers with carnet B. Unsped continues its operations with 6 areas, 52 branch offices and 1244 employees. UGM was rated with 9.01 at 2017 as a result of Corporate Governance study done by SAHA. At 2018, UGM was rated 9.17. Additionally, UGM takes place in Group 1 of the World Corporate Governance Index. Our company aims to continue its activities for a long time in every condition with a sustainable corporate structure by continuously renewing and developing with a creative and constructive internal criticism in service understanding, infrastructure, human resources, technology, financial structure areas in order to provide services with the best standards to our national and international customers in the future.

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